Why 3icareers?

Recruiting the 'right staff' can be both time consuming and frustrating and is one of the biggest headaches a business has to face. We understand only too well the importance of being able to hire the right person at the right time and it is our aim to make your life easier by helping you to achieve that outcome within your time scale, at a cost effective price and with the absolute minimum of disruption to your business. When it comes to selecting a recruitment agency we never forget that you have a choice and with this in mind our consultants focus on getting the basics right and having a professional attitude at all times. Our friendly approach and the quality of service we deliver has made us preferred suppliers to many companies ranging from large multinationals to small independent businesses - a status that we will never take for granted.

3icareers matches specifically skilled candidates with clients, saving businesses time and money, while providing for its employees with honesty and honor. This requires a high level of communication. It means asking open-ended questions and listening, not talking. We have the knowledge of the local market so we can really serve each client and employee, not just "sell" them our goods. 3icareers is quality service.

  • Talent with rich corporate and search experience.
  • Hands on experience of various industries.
  • Will provide Holistic recruitment solution - all levels, functions and industries.
  • Will provide quality service at no extra cost.

Trait 1: Great at networking because we have a strong interest in people This sounds trite, but it is true. Every great recruiter has a need to be around and with people. They like to meet new people and seek out opportunities to do that even when they are not recruiting.

Trait 2: Marketing and influencing skills Hiring volume is aggressive and needs are changing all the time. Turnover is often high and seasonal hiring presents many challenges. We have to recruit contingent as well as full-time staff, and is involved in lots of internal politics.

 Trait 3: Personalizing and leveraging uniqueness We transcend brand by personalizing each hire and each hiring manager. Each of our recruiters has found the power and importance of personalization. Rather than rely on a generic recruiting brand, we instead brand every job and manager as unique.

Trait 4: We use technology; and are not consumed by it Neither of our recruiters is a technology nerd. We use what works for us. We make sure both candidates and hiring managers also understand and are willing to use the tools.

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